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Construction Cancer Center CyberKnife

Region:Please select a country          Money:each center 10 million euros = € 20 million total

Short description CyberKnife is the US manufacturer Accuray manufacturer's designation for its robotic linear accelerator for radiosurgery. According to the manufacturer up to 2010 234 worldwide CyberKnife Systems have been installed. The exact status can be found on http://accuray.com. In Germany, there are twelve systems (as of October 2014). 100,000 treatments worldwide have been more done with the CyberKnife System. The plant is during therapy constantly tracked and therefore comes without the usual in the radiosurgery securely to the patient screwed fixing frames from. The locating system consists of two X-ray equipment and an image processing computer. The axes of the two X-ray tubes are mutually perpendicular and intersect at the center of the target area. The system thus provides a stereoscopic imaging. This image is with reconstructed images from the planning Computertomographieverglichen. The positions of distinctive bony structures or implanted gold markers must match. Displacements and rotations relative to the reference position are supplied as a correction value to the robot. The treatment planning software takes into account the particular exposure geometry and used an inverse algorithm, the treatment time is - depending on the complexity of the target volume - between 30 and 120 minutes. The medical service provides the patient an optimal solution, since the cancer treatment with CyberKnife can realize the following: Patients will be saved from imminent death by cancer. - Often CyberKnife is the only method of cancer treatment, which can be realized. The range of treatments covers a service from existing CyberKnife centers, which are not available in sufficient numbers. Treatment by Cyberknife saves our health insurers and patients time and money. CyberKnife device technology CyberKnife has a lifespan of about 20 years. By taking care with a comprehensive maintenance contract by the manufacturer ensuring that the hardware and software are always up to date. The cost of this service agreement are included in the business plan. The treatment of cancer outside the head with CyberKnife is the only method that has hit accuracy under 1 millimeter to a tumor worldwide. This is true for both static and moving tumors that are to be destroyed. The at CyberKnife realized extremely high precision allows for desired high energy doses of radiation that precisely the tumor safely and quickly destroyed, with no damage to adjacent healthy tissue occurs. The accuracy of these robotic radiosurgery results in the "Surgery with radiation" but without a knife. Thus, the usual risks of surgical operation can be avoided. So far as resistant to radiation and thus as untreatable tumors designated (for example, in the kidney) may be irradiated and successfully destroyed, the body (for example, the kidney) is retained. Patients who have received their maximum partial body dose through conventional radiotherapy, the perspective for the treatment is given with radiosurgery. The patient is not exposed to danger by anesthesia, ventilation, infection or lacerations. Without this risk tumors can be almost anywhere in the body irradiated and destroyed already in 1 to 5 sessions. This concerns in particular tumors of the institutions mentioned below here even if they are each closely adjacent vital organs. Ear, nose, ears, skull skeleton, lung, prostate, pancreas, liver, kidneys. For the first time provides CyberKnife a way to treat patients with radiation therapy who have received radiation therapy after a relapse. The series of benefits goes on and on. Featured is only the complete freedom from pain of radiation to the patient, the whole can enjoy a high level of comfort.